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Pure Skin Spa Facial Treatments

Facials include deep cleansing with herbal steam wraps, exfoliation, delicate extractions, treatment masque and soothing massage. Perfect for men or women, it is designed to be flexible in addressing your specific needs.




  • 3 - $180.00

  • 6 - $330.00

  • 8 - $400.00

Paraffin face  - $7.00
Paraffin hand treatment - $5.00

Pure skin deluxe facial - $75/90 minutes 

This luxurious aromatic experience revitalizes the skin and soothes the spirit.  The skin is cleansed, analyzed and an enzyme treatment is applied to remove dead skin cells. Steam and extractions follows, including the decollette and neck.  You will then recieve a massage of the chest, neck, shoulders, face, and a hydrating mask.  A warm paraffin treatment follows for face and hands. 
 *add on V-neck firming mask for $5.00*

Pure skin facial - $65/75 minutes

Our signature facial begins with a skin evaluation and is tailored to your skin type & condition.  The Pure Skin Facial addresses issues such as skin congestion, lack of radiance, sensitivity, fine lines and wrinkles.  Facial Includes exfoliating mask, enzyme treatment, facial massage, hydrating mask followed with moisturizer and SPF.

PURE SKIN ACNE FACIAL - $65/75 Minutes

Excellent approach to adult or teen acne.  Using BioElements products, we address dryness, oil or severe breakouts.  We will soothe your skin and provide extractions, if needed. We apply a calming hydration mask and follow up with moisturizer and SPF.  Practicioners can offer advice on what products are best for your skin type.

fast results: Lift - $70

Need a lift?  This amazing facial will tighten and firm your skin as it smooths out surface wrinkles.  Treatment includes a dual exfoliation and cleansing under the steam followed by the Ultra-lifting BioElements Flaxx-C mask and a application of the perfect hydrating moisturizer.

Ultra Sonic Facial

If you're ready to take your monthly facial to the next level consider an ultrasonic facial.  It is a medically proven treatment that uses ultrasound to loosen and remove dead skin cells and restores the natural cell turnover rate (CTR), and doesn't use any chemicals or crystals.  Follows up with a custom blended serum that penetrates into the skin for hydration with use of the ultrasonic.  Perfect for sensitive, acne and acne prone, or sun damaged skin. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and prevents aging.  

Savings Bundle - 3 for $230.00